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by Prescient Priscilla
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Capricorn Money/Career

Capricorn Dates: December 22 – January 19

Capricorn Money Sagittarius Career

Those of the sign of Capricorn make for excellent employees at all levels due to their many wonderful qualities. Capricorn is known for being honest, being responsible (generally!) and hard working. Capricorn is also regarded as having an uncompromising nature. This is one of Capricorn’s strengths (but can also be a weakness in certain situations). A Capricorn is likely to venture forth and start his or her own business if Capricorn’s ambition is thwarted due to lack of promotion. Capricorn is a very thorough thinker and will therefore find out as much as possible before beginning a project. Capricorn will not start something on a whim. In this way Capricorn will generally be found to be successful in all those areas in which Capricorn applies himself or herself.

Numeracy (the ability to be good with numbers) is often a clear trait of Capricorn. In this way it’s hardly surprising to find a Capricorn in professions such as banking, economics and even gambling. The world of finance is particularly popular for those of the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn tends to look to the long term when making plans even when Capricorn is faced with complex and difficult problems. Capricorn likes to ensure that any projects undertaken are completed successfully and this arises from Capricorn’s professional and dedicated attitude towards all that Capricorn does. In this way Capricorn can be seen to excel in government type roles where long term success crucially relies on precisely this type of view of work.

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